The Arrow

Director: Don McBrearty
Writer: Keith Ross Leckie
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Drama / History
Runtime: 180 min
Country: Canada
Language: French / English
Locations: Gimli, Manitoba, Canada, St. Andrews, Manitoba, Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The Arrow (1997)

The Arrow tells the story of the passion, the betrayal and the players behind the building of the stunning fight-interceptor jet constructed to defend Canada's vast territory during the Cold War. Cost over-runs, U.S. government intervention and Canadian political agendas grounded the Arrow before it had a fighting chance.

A brash young team of designers at Avro Aircraft and their charismatic new president, Crawfor Gordon (Dan Aykroyd) accept the RCAF challenge to create a radically advanced jet fighter-interceptor to defend Canada against powerful Soviet nuclear bombers capable of attacking over the North Pole.

The Avro team races to break all performace records with the Arrow. But the dream begins to unravel in a dark and tragic tale of political ambition, international espionage, subversion and deceit.