Supernatural Investigators

Supernatural Investigators

ParaDocs produced three half hour documentaries for Vision TV’s documentary anthology series Supernatural Investigator. The series hosted by science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer, features a different person investigating otherworldly phenomena in each episode.

Remote Viewing
Science writer and adventurer Jeff Warren investigates “remote viewing,” a form of ESP that the U.S. government attempted to harness as a tool for espionage during the Cold War.

Investigator: Jeff Warren
Featuring: Dean Radin, Edwin May, Charles Tart, Major Ed Dames, Lyn Buchanan, Nevin Lantz & Jessica Utts

The White Mountain Abduction
What happened to Barney and Betty Hill on the night of September 19th, 1961? Their niece investigates the world’s most famous case of alleged alien abduction.

Investigator: Kathleen Marden
Featuring: Stanton Friedman, Peter Geremia, Ben Swett, Phyllis Budinger, Thomas Miller and some very strange lights in the sky.

Crystal Skulls
Archaeologist Joel Palka retraces the journey of the adventurers who first found the skulls, and seeks out an isolated tribe that still believes in their mystic powers.

Investigator: Joel Palka
Featuring: Jane Walsh, Bill Homann, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, Leonardo Acal, Carol Davis