Lives Of Our Neighbours

Director: N/A
Writer: N/A
Release Date: In development
Genre: Drama / Historicalbr />MPAA: N/A
Runtime: 90 min
Country: N/A
Language: N/A
Locations: N/A

Lives Of Our Neighbours (in production)

Lives of My Neighbours records the lives, deaths, health and happiness of a small neighbourhood by giving simple cameras to a group of neighbours. They record the events that take place over a year. The result is a complex and endearing portrait of the life and health of a small community. The neighbourhood is an inner-city multi-ethnic community with a large monolithic hospital, a couple of schools, high rise apartments and single family homes. Lives of my neighbours will paint a personal portrait of the care-giving and receiving that go on in a neighbourhood. The stories are simple, moving and powerful and look at the invisible webs of relationship and support that provide care in the home.

Health care is coming to a home near you!